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Call&Check as a solution for Isolation and Loneliness during COVID in a major IBM article

The Call&Check service has been referenced as a solution in the fight against the isolation and loneliness issues which have been occurring in increasing numbers during the age of COVID19. Research from the IBM Institute for Business Value has found that loneliness is almost always triggered by some form of loss, whether at a personal or societal level. While the original research looked at the ageing population, the IBM team have explored how COVID-19 exacerbates loneliness and extends the issue across all age groups. The Call&Check system assists individuals by asking questions and assisting with key actions such as home deliveries (e.g. grocery and medicines) enabling vulnerable people to maintain social distancing and to shield safely. During the pandemic, the program has been adapted leveraging the telephone for daily virtual visits and sharing the information with authorised caregivers.

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