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Increasing numbers of people are feeling isolated and lonely and would benefit from support for living happily in their own homes. 

Since the first trials began in Jersey in 2013, Call&Check has garnered global recognition, awards and interest. By better coordinating care, reducing pressure on traditional services including families and carers.

Our customers love it! They feel supported and more confident in their own homes knowing someone they can trust is looking out for them.

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Our Vision

Connected communities where everyone is free from loneliness and isolation and supported by a Circle of Care.


Our Mission

To deliver a range of services that support and connect people, their carers, and others into their wider communities helping them to live happy, independent lives at home.

Our team

We have decades of experience and expertise in healthcare innovation, technology and change management, and we are passionate about providing simple, effective solutions that put the customer firmly at the centre of the circle of care.


Joe Dickinson

Co-Founder/ Director

Joe worked as an IT/business consultant for over 25 years, advising on IT system design and working in Europe and the US. He has also managed several major medical-research projects, including boron neutron-capture therapy (BNCT) for cancer treatment, holographic 3D imaging, and multi-wire detector cardiac-imaging technology. The latter project involved working closely with its physicist inventor, the late Nobel Laureate George Charpak. Joe has also helped design and develop a number of telehealth systems. In 2011 Joe started his role with Jersey Post in the Channel Islands, where he invented, designed and implemented the Call&Check community service: making use of the postal operator’s existing infrastructure to deliver a new platform to support the community’s health and social needs. For this he won the World Postal Award 2014 and The Sunday Times’ UK Social Innovator of 2014, and in 2016 Call&Check was one of four international health-improvement projects selected for trial in the US.

Phil Romeril

Co-Founder/ Director

Phil qualified as a pharmacist in 1987 and began his career with Boots before buying his first pharmacy in 1991. He grew the business until its sale to the Channel Island Cooperative Society (CICS) in 2014. Phil has extensive experience working with government departments and other professional bodies. He is focused on establishing patient-centred care systems – working with existing, innovative services – to enable people to maintain their independence and control over their care, and to help them stay in their homes, alongside family and friends at the heart of their own community. In June 2018 Phil became the Chairperson of Family Nursing and Home Care, the charity which operates the community nursing and care service in Jersey. During 2023 Phil, working with others, co-founded the Policy Centre Jersey, the island's only active think tank, which focuses on delivering data-informed research on matters impacting on islander's lives. To date, research has been carried out on social mobility, the impact of an ageing population, housing, education, and low income. Phil lives in St Helier with his wife and has two children - one now living in UK and establishing his own career and the other currently studying at university in England.

Karen Tarrant

Care Coordinator

Karen started at Call and Check in January 2024. She was born in Sheffield and started her career working as a Pharmacy Technician in hospitals in the South Yorkshire area. Karen came to Jersey and worked in the pharmacy department at the Jersey General Hospital. After a short break to have her two daughters, Karen changed direction to work as a science technician firstly at Hautlieu school and then at De La Salle College. Karen is the voice at the end of the phone here. She is hoping to be more than just a voice and will become more visible in the Call and Check community, welcoming potential new clients by visiting them in their own homes and working with other like-minded organisations to arrange and take part in social outings for those of our clients who would like to take part.

Helen Horman

Support Care Coordinator

Helen joined the Call and Check team in July 2018. Helen was a school teacher for more than 30 years and also taught adults at our local college. She is an experienced administrator who is responsible for the daily management of the Call and Check Hub. Helen has excellent communication and interpersonal skills who can handle challenging situations with calmness, empathy and efficiency, and is always striving to provide support and ensure the well being of clients.

Janet Davison

Care Coordinator

Janet joined our team in April 2024. Janet was employed by The States of Jersey Ambulance Service from 1990 until 2020 as an operational paramedic and moved to the training department as the Training and Development Officer for the service. For the last 3 years she was employed by the health service at the Vaccination Centre where she delivered hundreds of vaccines both at the centre and in the community. She maintains her registration as a Paramedic and has her own business delivering First Aid and Life Support training. Janet is passionate about teaching Basic Life Support to as many people as possible and was involved in the annual Start a Heart Day manning stalls in King St for members of the public to perform CPR on a manikin.

Expert Advisors

Professor James Kingsland OBE

Senior Medical Advisor

James is the Senior Partner in a nationally renowned, award winning General Practice in the North West of England and an honorary clinical professor in the School of Medicine at the University of Central Lancashire. Unique as a practicing clinician who is also a policy advisor, educator, writer, presenter, speaker and broadcaster. He is the co-creator of possibly the largest reform programme for primary care provision in generation, the Primary Care Home, which has led to the development of Primary Care Networks nationally in England. He has twice served as a government advisor at the English Department of Health and has also held advisory positions with the NICE, CQC and NHSI. James has also served on the Board of 3 different hospitals in the NW of England over a 12 year period. He was appointed an OBE in the Queen’s 2012 Diamond Jubilee New Year Honours’ List for services to Medicine and to Healthcare. Currently he is the longest serving BBC radio doctor.

Michael Wagner MPA

Special Advisor - Change in Global Healthcare Systems

Michael Wagner is an independent advisor, teacher, and consultant focused on healthcare, leadership, culture building, and disruptive change. Michael’s Leadership Expertise spans more than 37 years of consulting and service in government, politics, higher education, private business, and non-profit management. Michael’s Healthcare Expertise extends for over 30 years as both Vice Chair of Health and Human Services in the South Dakota Legislature as well as Executive Director and Chief Teaching Officer of The Advisory Board Company. As a long time teacher, consultant, and advisor on issues of management, leadership, and strategy, Michael has facilitated workshops and engagements with leading hospitals, health systems, and multi-national organizations in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Asia, the Middle East, South America, the United Kingdom, Africa, Central Asia, and Europe. Mike’s areas of expertise and study include leadership development, culture building, public policy development, strategy development, operational improvement, quality improvement, and innovation. He both teaches and develops curriculum focused on changing leadership mindset and energizing teams to achieve higher levels of excellence. Through his years of experience, Michael has personally worked with more than 750 health care organizations, professional associations, government agencies, the United States armed forces, insurance firms, pharmaceutical companies, and medical device manufacturers. Michael has been elected to four terms in the South Dakota House of Representatives, serving as Assistant Majority Leader, Chairman of Local Government, and Vice Chair of Health and Human Services. Additionally, Michael was elected to five terms as President of the Aldermanic Council and Mayor of a small town in South Dakota and served as Vice President of the state municipal league. His professional experience includes service as the Chief Operating Officer of an international distribution company, the Executive Director of a Habitat for Humanity agency, and a college lecturer in business management and leadership. Recently Michael served as a Senior Research Fellow at Ko Awatea Innovation Center in New Zealand, responsible for designing World Health C.L.I.M.B., an international initiative to elevate leadership in healthcare on a global basis. Michael earned a master’s in public administration from Harvard University, where he was named an Archibald Bush Leadership Fellow and Lucius N. Littauer Fellow for outstanding citizenship and academic achievement. Michael spends much of his spare time snow skiing, scuba diving, off-road motor-biking in the Black Hills of South Dakota, and boating along the Missouri River. When he and his wife, Paula, are not spending time with their eight grandchildren, he also tries to raise White and Black Swans and other exotic animals.

Dan Pelino

Special Advisor - Social Impact

Dan is the author of the best-selling health policy book, ‘Trusted Healers’ and a leading advocate for a system of care with a strengthened approach to primary care, including mental and behavioural health, Dan is a well-known and respected innovator, thought leader, and author. He is co-founder and president of Everyone Matters, Inc., a social impact enterprise dedicated to ensuring that everyone has the right to dignity and respect, to be who they are without being shamed or demeaned, and to thrive within their unique individuality. Dan is a regular contributor to discussions on healthcare, citizen-based services, and smarter cities having appeared on Dr. Oz, CNN, Bloomberg, the BBC, and other global media outlets. He has often testified to Congress on healthcare policy, the Affordable Care Act, and presented to The White House Commission on Healthcare. He has contributed to the European Union regarding the advancement of healthcare across Europe. He has joined other leaders in visiting the US/Mexico border and making recommendations regarding the US Immigration Policy. In 2014, he accompanied Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker on her first United States trade mission to Mexico to pursue opportunities for economic development and the advancement of shared practices with Mexican national and regional governments. He, along with Dr. Paul Grundy in 2012, was awarded the NCQA award for leading the national efforts on healthcare quality and value. He received the National Corporate Global Education Award in 2014 for his work on the advancement of quality-based education. He is an adjunct professor at his alma mater Western Kentucky University lecturing on applied leadership. He serves as an independent director, board member, and advisor to a number of private and public companies. He is a member of the National Association of Corporate Directors. Dan worked for IBM for 36 years concluding his career as IBM’s senior executive and General Manager of IBM’s Global Healthcare, Life Sciences, Education, Government, and Smarter Cities business. He received his undergraduate and graduate degrees from Western Kentucky University and was named a Leadership Fellow. He has completed postgraduate studies at the Harvard Kennedy School of Leadership at Harvard University and the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. He and his wife Anne live in Northern Virginia with their dogs Rixey and Surrey. Anne and Dan have 4 children together.

Mike Hindmarsh

Special Advisor - system design and improvement

Mike joined the team in Dec 2023 Mike Hindmarsh, Centre for Collaboration, Motivation and Innovation Mike is an established healthcare improvement consultant offering strategic planning, project direction, and technical assistance for implementing chronic disease programs in primary, specialty and ancillary care settings. Mike expertise includes quality improvement system redesign, training in patient self-management support, quality measurement techniques and practice coaching. Mike has worked on over 200 improvement efforts in the last 30 years in Canada, the US, Singapore, Kazakhstan, Mexico and the UK. His current work is as a RISE coach for Ontario’s Health Teams.

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