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Call&Check is a collaborative, enriching service, with huge potential scope and benefits. What started as a revenue-generating idea for Jersey Post has already become a holistic health and wellbeing service, and further core support areas are designed into the service.

Call&Check focuses on meeting the needs of the growing elderly population who wish to live in their own homes but require more support. However, Call&Check is suitable for a wider range of people, including those recently discharged from hospital, victims of crime and harassment, disabled people, young parents and other young adults who could benefit from some genuine, friendly and helpful human interaction.

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The Call&Check circle of care

Call&Check creates a mutually supportive and coordinated circle of care with the customer firmly at its heart. It is a professional, reliable and affordable service working synergistically to address loneliness and isolation. Call&Check is a service that cares for the carers, connecting people into their community and the community into the people, while providing new revenue streams for postal services and creating valuable savings for health providers, local and central governments.

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The person at the centre of care

Health and wellbeing

Checking how recipients are feeling, both physically and mentally – if they have taken their medication, if they need any help, if there is anything troubling them, if they have any requests to pass on to their circle of care.

It makes me feel so much better knowing that I get my postie’s friendly call to check on me three times a week

Amy, 82, living at home

Safety and security

Supporting recipients with issues including nuisance calls, harassment, unwanted visits, antisocial or threatening behaviour, rowdiness and crime in their local area.

Knowing my mum gets checked on every day during the week takes some of the pressure off my wife and I, and gives us additional peace of mind

Mike, son of Call&Check customer

Community and social connection

Putting recipients in touch with voluntary services and community groups in order to access their financial provisions, and introducing people to hobby and shared interest groups – alleviating loneliness and isolation.

I am an independent person but I look forward to my Call & Check visit

Derek, 90, Call&Check customer

Property management and support

Arranging for community services such as home fire-safety checks, and putting customers in touch with trusted companies and tradespeople – vital for helping people to live at home happily, safely and with confidence.

I have a degenerative visual impairment, so I cannot drive and find it difficult to get out of the house alone. Before Call&Check, I struggled to get to the shops. Now it has been arranged for me to have my shopping delivered weekly

Alice, Call&Check customer

Financial support and security

Checking for phone/email scams, begging letters and rogue traders, as well as connecting customers to reputable agencies such as Citizens Advice.

It makes me feel so much better knowing that I get my postie’s friendly call to check on me three times a week

Amy, 82, living at home

Community benefits

Posties incorporate Call&Check into their normal rounds and enjoy helping their Call&Check customers. Carers and families feel more supported and reassured that their loved ones are being checked on regularly. The local community is invigorated, with people eagerly stepping in to help and support their neighbours, and voluntary services welcoming more members of the community into their fold. Call&Check breaks down barriers in the social and healthcare communities, fostering a spirit of collaboration and cooperation. Most importantly, our customers love it, secure in the knowledge that they are safe and supported in their homes, looked out for by a genuine person they can trust

Wider benefits

We are actively working with postal operators, governments, healthcare providers and health-insurance companies in multiple jurisdictions to adopt and develop Call&Check. Postal operators benefit from increased recognition in the social value of their services and a new revenue stream during a period of declining mail volumes. Health and social service providers benefit from improved, coordinated care, achieving support around the individual and helping them live safely in their own homes. Government health and social care departments benefit from reduced costs of services, enabling reallocation of resources and funds into other areas of need.

GDPR sorted

Worried about data protection and privacy? Don’t be. We know the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a huge concern, and that is why we’ve worked from the start to create a system that provides a secure data-protection solution that incorporates privacy by design. With the robust, back-end technology of the Call&Check Engine, powered by IBM and health-management software specialists NexJ Health, everyone – from local communities to corporates, government departments and, mostly importantly, recipients – can be reassured of GDPR compliance as an intrinsic part of the Call&Check service.


Interested in setting up Call&Check in your community? Our in-house expertise enables a 360 degree service, tailored to your requirements, to help you successfully deliver Call&Check. We can take you from the strategy-formation stage, through planning and design of your bespoke business model, to installation of the Call&Check Engine and implementation of the system, as well as ongoing post-launch support and development. We work with you every step of the way to ensure Call&Check reaches its full potential – for you, for your customers and for your community.