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How it works

Call&Check enables people to live independently and confidently in their own homes. Regular visits are made by their postie (daily, weekly or ad hoc, as required). When they “Call&Check”, the postie asks five short questions to find out how the recipient is and if there is anything they need. Responses are sent for action via the Call&Check Engine on the postie’s digital handset to the recipient’s designated contacts (family, carers, GP, community volunteers and so on).

It’s a simple, accountable support service, based around a conversation that connects customer and community – one that starts with a friendly face asking, “Hello, how are you today?”

Who can use Call&Check?

Anyone who would like a bit of support to live confidently at home.

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Postal, health and social care services including government and voluntary organisations.

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How do I get involved?

There are three simple ways to get involved and help galvanise community spirit, eradicate loneliness and be part of a growing movement that’s bringing people together:

1. Sign up or refer someone for the Call&Check service.

2. Volunteer to help people in your locality.

3. Partner one of the pioneering programmes that are supporting Call&Check in your community.

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What people think

It makes me feel so much better knowing that I get my postie’s friendly call to check on me three times a week

Amy, 82, living at home

I am an independent person but I look forward to my Call & Check visit

Derek, 90, Call&Check customer

Knowing my mum gets checked on every day during the week takes some of the pressure off my wife and I, and gives us additional peace of mind

Mike, son of Call&Check customer

I have a degenerative visual impairment, so I cannot drive and find it difficult to get out of the house alone. Before Call&Check, I struggled to get to the shops. Now it has been arranged for me to have my shopping delivered weekly

Alice, Call&Check customer