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The Call&Check Team

Increasing numbers of people are feeling isolated and lonely and would benefit from face-to-face support for living happily in their own homes. On the other side of the letterbox, postal services are facing declining volumes of deliveries in an ever-more digital world. These looked like two disconnected issues with no obvious solution until, in 2012, Call&Check inventor Joe Dickinson had an idea. Like all the best ideas, it was simple and brilliant: get trusted posties to check on people on their rounds, raising flags, enabling problems to be dealt with and reassuring them with a friendly “hello”.

Since the first trials began in Jersey in 2013, Call&Check has garnered global recognition, awards and interest. By better coordinating care, reducing pressure on traditional services including families and carers, and creating new revenue streams for postal services, Call&Check is a win-win-win. Our customers love it! They feel supported and more confident in their own homes knowing someone they can trust is looking out for them.

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Our mission

We’re on a mission: to galvanise community spirit and deliver support systems that better connect people within their communities, enabling them to lead safer, healthier and more sociable lives.


Our vision

You can help turn our dream into reality: putting the heart back into your community, creating friendships and connections to eradicate loneliness and make life brighter for everyone.

Our team

We have decades of experience and expertise in healthcare innovation, technology and change management, and we are passionate about providing simple, effective solutions that put the customer firmly at the centre of the circle of care.

Joe Dickinson

Director / Owner

Joe worked as an IT/business consultant for over 25 years, advising on IT system design and working in Europe and the US. He has also managed several major medical-research projects, including boron neutron-capture therapy (BNCT) for cancer treatment, holographic 3D imaging, and multi-wire detector cardiac-imaging technology. The latter project involved working closely with its physicist inventor, the late Nobel Laureate George Charpak. Joe has also helped design and develop a number of telehealth systems. In 2011 Joe started his role with Jersey Post in the Channel Islands, where he invented, designed and implemented the Call&Check community service: making use of the postal operator’s existing infrastructure to deliver a new platform to support the community’s health and social needs. For this he won the World Postal Award 2014 and The Sunday Times’ UK Social Innovator of 2014, and in 2016 Call&Check was one of four international health-improvement projects selected for trial in the US.

Phil Romeril

Director / Owner

Phil qualified as a pharmacist in 1987 and began his career with Boots before buying his first pharmacy in 1991. He grew the business until its sale to the Channel Island Cooperative Society (CICS) in 2014, after which he took on a newly created role as Head of Healthcare and helped integrate the pharmacy business and establish CICS’s medical practice. Phil has extensive experience working with government departments and other professional bodies. He is focused on establishing patient-centred care systems – working with existing, innovative services – to enable people to maintain their independence and control over their care, and to help them stay in their homes, alongside family and friends at the heart of their own community. In June 2018 Phil became the Chairperson of Family Nursing and Home Care, the charity which operates the community nursing and care service in Jersey.

Karen O’Hare

Community Officer

Karen is responsible for liaising with the local community and is the face of Call&Check in the parishes of Jersey, as well as being an active community volunteer and fundraiser in her own right. With over 30 years of experience in office management and customer relations, she supervises the day-to-day running of the Call&Check offices and organises key events, including the first International Call&Check Forum, held in London, 2017.

What people think

It makes me feel so much better knowing that I get my postie’s friendly call to check on me three times a week

Amy, 82, living at home

Knowing my mum gets checked on every day during the week takes some of the pressure off my wife and I, and gives us additional peace of mind

Mike, son of Call&Check customer

I am an independent person but I look forward to my Call & Check visit

Derek, 90, Call&Check customer

I have a degenerative visual impairment, so I cannot drive and find it difficult to get out of the house alone. Before Call&Check, I struggled to get to the shops. Now it has been arranged for me to have my shopping delivered weekly

Alice, Call&Check customer